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Tuesday 14 July 2009

ASIHTTPRequest is one!

No idea where they get these numbers from

The first version of ASIHTTPRequest was posted on GitHub exactly one year ago today.

ASIHTTPRequest started as simple class to do multipart form posts. I ported it to CFNetwork because I wanted to be able to show upload progress for large posts, and NSURLConnection didn't provide that functionality.(i) I didn't hear from anyone about it for months until I started receiving emails from people trying to build it for iPhone. :)

A giant thank you to all the people who've taken the time to send in patches, bug reports and feature requests. Nearly all the things added since the first version have been as a direct result of feedback or code from people using it. It's been an amazing learning experience for me!

If you have released an application for Mac or iPhone that uses ASIHTTPRequest, don't forget to let me know about it!

Oh, one more thing - the latest version in GitHub has experimental support for Amazon S3. (More info)

  1. NSURLConnection now provides this functionality on iPhone 3.0, and by the looks of things, it's in “Mac OS X v10.6 and later” too.

Posted by Ben @ 10:24 AM