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Sunday 2 October 2011

Begin v1.1 now available in an App Store near you!

Begin v1.1, my easy to use app for creating easy to read project plans, is available now in the App Store!

This release adds a French localisation (Begin is now in English, German and French), we hope to add more languages soon.

Begin v1.1 also beefs up the export options. Via the new Export & Share dialog, you can now send your plan in iCalendar format - iCalendar files can be imported into iCal and other calendar software.

Picture of Begin’s new Export & Share dialog

I’m especially pleased with the new Week-View export feature, which helps make your plans easier to read. Each week of your project now appears on its own page when exporting as PDF (or as a separate image for other formats).

Picture of some printed plans generated by Begin

Finally, Begin also has a new website!

Picture of Begin’s new website

We’ve been really pleased with all the positive feedback so far, and I’m planning to add more of the features people are asking for over the coming months.

Posted by Ben @ 1:07 PM