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Wednesday 10 December 2008

ASIWebThumbnail: Easily generate thumbnail images of web pages

I had such a nice experience with my first forays into open source, that now I'm well and truly hooked. Today, there is a new addition to my GitHub profile: ASIWebThumbnail!

ASIWebThumbnail is a command line tool that generates thumbnails of web pages using the WebKit engine built-in to Mac OS X. It allows you to grab all or a portion of a particular web page, resize it according to your needs, and save it to disk as a PNG image.

The source release also includes an Objective-C wrapper that lets you easily use it from inside your own cocoa applications.

Full documentation is available here. If you find it useful, or hack together a cool script that does something neat with it, do let me know!.

Posted by Ben @ 3:06 PM