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Monday 23 February 2009

GHUnit = nicer unit testing with Xcode

If you've ever tried to setup unit tests in Xcode, you'll know what a PITA they can be, especially when it comes to trying to debug your tests (though Chris Hanson’s wonderful guides make this convoluted process just about understandable for mere mortals like me).

GHUnit runs the ASIHTTPRequest tests

Gabriel Handford’s GHUnit is a unit testing framework with its own user interface, and is well worth a look. You can make tests by subclassing GHTestCase, but it also supports SenTestCase and GTMTestCase subclasses, and I was able to get the ASIHTTPRequest tests up and running in no time at all. There’s even a UI for running tests in the iPhone simulator (I haven’t tried this yet).

I can see loads of potential for this project, and it’s already so much nicer than SenTestingKit. The source is on Github.

Via: Michael Tsai

Posted by Ben @ 6:02 PM